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Homorocker says: Dandy Warhols rule, ok

(Alemmassa, aiemmassa bloggauksessa tuli puhuttua kunnallisvaaleista,
kaikenlaisia tärkeitä asioita esiin nostatteneen kommenttikeskustelun kera...
Kunnallisvaaleista tuonempana taas,
but now something [almost] completely different.)

While Pölhö away in work-related trip to Canada, I'm all alone here.

Being alone for awhile is more than fine as it's been ages since I've spend
quality time with Courtney Taylor-Taylor and the rest of mighty Dandy Warhols,
a band that has made my day every now and then for years and years.
While living in England, as a single and in a work which allowed me loong
lazy mornings on my own, I used to put Dandys on while writing, reading,
taking a bath, and w...

Today has been a relaxed returns with those mornings.

Last night out, with an indeed good friend of mine, I had a revelation
of not having been able to truly let go at night for a loong while.
Getting drunk singing dancing and making fool of ourselves may not be
the most original ideas of relaxing, but it sure has worked for me - for years.

From the following video-clip, see and feel this world, this bar,
this state of... hipster-happy be-in, as represented
- with proper portion of irony -
in the video of Dandy Warhols' biggest hit eight years back:



Dandy Warhols is very nineties (is it in or out today, me not now),
but also very good company to this homorocker as we both love
all the crypto-homorockers from the seventies
(Bowie Lou Reed Iggy Pop - they have also toured with almost all of those),
and also Syd Barrett -era Pink Floyd and other psychedelia
(which is 'out' today but f*ck that).

And... The singer-guitarist-songwriter is a good bonus.
Please enjoy,
just as the director of this little music video clearly has,
some of the bonus-qualities of Courtney Taylor-Taylor:


Good morning, yes I love U too, -R

- - -

(Tuollaisetkaan kaverit eivät äänestäisi Ilkka Kanervaa, ethän sinäkään)

- - -