Näytetään bloggaukset helmikuulta 2013.

Born of crypto-homorockers & great divide

Hedwig & The Angry Inch was a musical in New York 1998 (and onwards).
And a movie in 2001.
It tells a story crossing the two main genders,
crossing from former East-Germany to Kansas, USA,
and rocks out the bitter memories and well as the anxieties of the then present.

Yes I am a fan, a close friend of Hedwig.

Hedwig the musical and then a movie was born in the nineties, already in the past,
and it looked back into eighties, the past.
Homorocker remembers both the nineties and the eighties -
and Hedwig and Homorocker are both born from the crypto-homorockers
(David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed).
And carry the memories of, for example, of the times of the Berlin Wall and soon afterwards.

The now trendy middle-class conservatism nor the black-and-white populism will never ever
tear us down.
Yes, we are bitter, and yes, we are sarcastic, but that's the result of living in this world
which was unbelievable then
just as it sure is now.