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United States of Promised Lands

There's the critical nickname for USA that I use at times.

Obama won to be the president for the second term. That is very good.
That is very good thinking the choise they and the rest of the world had:
Mitt Romney, a conservative, a Mormon bishop, a missionary, heading for a mission.
Yet, that may well be the set task for every and any president of the USA:
A mission.

A God-given mission.
God bless America, as everyone, including Obama, keep saying.

I have no doubt that Jesusland exists, those states and areas that always vote according to
the so-called conservative christian values, consisting of more than half of the 50 states of USA.

I have no doubt that some opinions I have heard were and are real there:
"Let's just nuke the Middle East away and it all will be good."

I have no doubt that many there consider themselves the God's chosen people.
Mormons definitely do, Romney among them, but many others as well.

And "God" has "blessed", with circumstances brilliant for getting and being rich and powerful.

The result: a large and big nation.
So there is room enough for anything and everything.

But, over all that, God always blesses:
blessing the self-declared stand as a world police,
blessing the double-standards, etc.

(ADD: Etc = blessing The US Navy.
And teaching creationism in schools
And highest medical science research.
And handguns for everyone.
And Desperate house-wifes.
And Bruce Springsteen.)

It is a mega-version of a Holy Land.

(The third one: first there was The original Holy Land of the Jews, then Christian Roman Empire,
and now this.)

And I have no doubt that many of them say - and think - that God is blessing them,
whatever they wish to go for.

I just hope that the just about half of them maintain the recently-received ideas
of global warming and social insecurity and choose to take actions.

For this is but a phase.

And the rest of the world is at mercy of what some of them think their God blesses.

- - -