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Morrissey is Morrissey, not "gay" or "bi"

Morrissey published his autobiography earlier this month.
It was reported as a "coming out".
Morrissey corrected:

"Unfortunately, I am not homosexual. In technical fact I am humasexual.
I am attracted to humans. But, of course … not many."

Ha ha: "But, of course … not many."
I love Morrissey.
Morrissey loves only few things.
Morrissey and me, we don't love narrow-mindedness nor stupidity.

Some people have been puzzled about his sexuality for years, and now he tells how
he had a relationship with a guy named Jake in the nineties.
This piece of news has been reported as a "coming out".
Well, narrow-mindedness and stupidity, here we go.
Some minor headlines cried out "gay".

He also told us he then had a relationship with a woman and they almost planned having a child.
So now he must be bi-sexual. (Also here in Ranneliike.)
Well I guess he is, but he has the right to turn down such definitions labeled by others
and not at all by himself.

Both Morrissey and I know that he was very much in love with The Smiths guitarist and composer
Johnny Marr in the eighties.
It was then when he declared himself a virgin and a celibate.

We both know how young male boxers and tattooed young angry men turn him on.
We both know that he was in love with a man again in around the year 2005.
He just refuses to tell me the name of that guy.

Oh well, maybe one day. I'll wait here, or I might come over to England or, even, California.
You see, Morrissey, I'm a vegetarian, have been all my adult life.
I also dislike many things You hate.
I like irony and sarcasm.
I don't like those labels "gay" or "straight" or "bi".
I even got my hair cut short.
And, I'm single again.

Let's get closer friends soon, Morrissey, and then I could remind you of this one love song,
a song I constantly played during the Spring of 2006:

- - -