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What I did last night

Yes. Patti Smith.

Re-defining the stupid and thoughtless phrase according to which interpreting a cover could be
"a rape";
instead, a caress and a give of a new birth to Nirvana break-through:


Patti giving a loved piece of music a new life is of course no news, and here's Patti...
...remembering her own remaking of a classic, which by now is her classic as well:



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P.S. What I did tonight: Maybe a better one of "Gloria", but this year, just last Summer:


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8.3.2010 02:29

"This is what happens when you take a lot of drugs" (or just so taking enough of the regular, legal products of alcohol, as someone may recall):

Oh dear. Always thought Marianne lost her voice some time during the seventies but, she seemingly sounded like my grandma some twenty years before
my grandma sounded... like... her.


8.3.2010 03:10

Marianne Faitfull ?


8.3.2010 11:00

Yes. That one in 1973 I think.