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Season's greetings

Homorocker experience:

Haven't bought anything from any post-Xmas sales.

- - -

But, bookshop sales start now... Happily pre-ordering stuff with a little help from Mister Stockmann...

And Bowie's double-live will be released in less-that-two-weeks.
For sale but not for sale (yet).
I need that one.

Before that, to Berlin, next week.
Finally: We've been separated for two and a half years.


- - -

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14.1.2010 22:55

me neither. but stockmann's, yes. why do you get to go to berlin repeatedly before me. and are you talking to me? (nah.)


15.1.2010 00:34

And I wonder when it will be New York's turn...


15.1.2010 03:40

You still have Boxing week X-mas sales? They are over here, Valentine's sales starting soon.


15.1.2010 09:45

It is a sort of boxing week, yes, which goes on for several weeks.


15.1.2010 20:57

Not exactly shopping frenzy going on here. More like shopping procrastination.

Olli Stålström

17.1.2010 11:17

I hope you don't mind me asking whether your separation is of a temporary nature. When will the reconciliation talks begin?


17.1.2010 13:04

Reconciliation this friday, this friday indeed.
Especially waiting for a nice afternoon around Mehringsdam, visiting Melitta Sundström, Schwules museum and the hopefully still standing Tibetan restaurant nearby. And some friends.

Olli Stålström

22.1.2010 10:49

Echt leuk :)