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David Bowie birthday today

Writing this in English in case he's reading
(and why wouldn't he? We've been friends longer than anyone around me today.)

Sixty-one years today. No big celebrations, neither last year.
Big ones were eleven years ago in New York, on stage with,
among others, Frank Black (Pixies), Robert Smith (Cure)...
...and Lou Reed.
But no Iggy (maybe Mrs Bowie said no, no hanging around with naughty Iggy anymore).

Lou Reed and Iggy Pop are famously close friends with Bowie,
but apart from them, Dame David has collaborated with EVERYONE:
From Mick Jagger to John Lennon, Freddie Mercury & Queen, Brian Eno...
...Trent Treznor!...
...and almost even with Elvis (he wrote "Golden Years" for him,
but "the King" recorded next to nothing in around 1975 anymore,
so the song is sung by Thin White Duke in oh-so-brilliant LP "Station to Station" 1976).

Behind the you tube -address below,
there's fifty-something Dame David (on hidden high heels) and Placebo,
doing Marc Bolan's "20th Century Boy" (Dame's yet another friend from the past).
It was Brit's or MTV awards sometime around the millennium,
Boy George screaming "OH MY GOD IT'S DAVID BOWIE" just minutes before this.
I agree:


Happy birthday Dame David. You mean oceans to me, -R

- - -


The Bitch haven't commented.
Probably forgotten bout me having better friends around him.

Oh well, below there's address to "Queen Bitch", to salute the day,
recorded the day before I was born,
with "nice" introduction:


(...Much later, when it was fashionable even in Mynämäki, had a hair like that.
And the boots, although colours were the other way around.
And, yes, I got beaten up.)

- - -

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8.1.2009 11:42

I was under the impression that Bowie and Bolan were not the bestest of friends back in the day, being on the same turf and all...
But anyway, Bowie is the king of the namedroppers so the amount of collaborations is understandable...

Happy birthday David!


8.1.2009 15:50

The queen of namedroppers; lots-n-lots of coctail-party friends.

To prove the point, here's yet yet yet another one, Moby and Dame singing Pixies a few years back:


"Blood your hands on a cactus tree
wipe it on your dress and send it to me"

(And to drop names meself, heard this one live "only" by Pixies and Bowie separately.)