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After queer Summer, queer winter coming

Since the last blog-in all Autumn has gone.

I was about to put here yet another anniversary-like note based on the fact
that this blog has been here for eight years already...

But hey, been busy, busier than when I was younger.

Then again, when I was younger I was simultaneously kinda older;
I'm younger than yesterday.

However, am not gonna add that Bob Dylan song here.

Instead, and to continue what I started here last Summer, more Killers.


This is Killers, live in Dallas, March, this ongoing year.

Sun rise, sun set, but we're not old yet.

And, the same song, from the point of time it was brand new, ten years ago 2004:


- - -

Something queer has been keeping going on since last Summer...
...and something queer is about to keep going on during the coming Winter.

Keeps me alive.

You too, stay alive. Keep on among the living.

Yours truly, -Hr

- - -

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23.10.2014 15:36

Ha: "Heaven ain't close in a place like this..."