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Ray Davies sanoo sen paremmin

Remember walking with you by my side
You were my Papa and I was your pride
Now I've got children and I'm going grey
No time for talking I got nothing to say

Those Sunday dinners that we had at home
Now I've got a house and I've got friends of my own
We can't do tomorrow what we did yesterday
It's best that we're going our separate ways, OK

How is your rheumatism (nothing to say)
How are your chillblains (nothing to say)
How's Aunty Mabel (nothing to say)
So far Papa, I got nothing to say, OK

Those happy days we spent together
We thought our world would never change
How the days go by
And things will never be the same

You keep pretending that everything's fine
So you make small talk to help pass the time
But all the words that you spit from your face
Add up to nothing you got nothing to say

How are those noisy neighbors next door
I'll have to go soon 'cause I'm getting bored
I gotta be home early to see a good play
So far Papa, I got nothing to say

How is your life insurance (nothing to say)
How is your trade union (nothing to say)
How is your Independence (nothing to say)
So for Papa, I got nothing to say

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3.1.2009 03:56

Hyvää uutta vuotta Espanjaan!