• millikan

Miltei ajattelin tänään

Grave-marker plums bloom gaily side by side
displaying spring to our unhappy world;
lanterns lit to guide the wandering shade
show the autumn moon, face of the truth.
Yet love's lustful karma rules me still.
Fires of longing smoulder night and day.
Now as before, I have no peace: this sin,
a heart in pain, yields me its reward:
assaults of hell-fiends, the Ahorasetsu,
brandishing their rods and raining blows.
Beat on, beat (they howl), as you deserve,
the block: for all my hate
reaps me the fruit of wrongful clinging
reaps me the fruit of wrongful clinging.
Anguished tears, touching the block,
turn from tears to fire.
Smothering in smoke and flame,
I shriek, yet soundlessly.
The block makes no noise, and wind
in silence passes through the pines.
Fiends' foul curses fill my ears, O terror!

Zeami: Kinuta (2. näytös), käännös R. Tyler