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The reason I managed to lock myself out of my own apartment was a film I watched earlier today. You may have heard of it: 'The Stoning of Soraya M.' It brought me in such a rage, hatred, sorrow, loathing, pity, will to kill that I actually forgot my keys. Considering leaving my keys in is a continuing phobia of sorts, it takes much for me to ignore that neurosis.

Anyway, back to the title. What I find unbelievable is what I just encountered. The movie is based on a book of the same name and I was going to get it. Emphasis on the word "was", since I can't find it anywhere. Absolutely nowhere I know to look. Not even AdLibris. That place is the one that has never failed me. It seemed that it made no difference whether it was a bestseller or some obscure and marginal book, it was there.

Until now, of course. Freidoune Sahebjam's book which only has its Danish translation listed. I tried BookPlus, Akateeminen and Suomalainen, I tried Huuto, BookMooch, all I could think of. The only place I found it was Amazon UK. But as I don't do credit cards... yeah, well, unless my sister has one and she orders it for me, I need to find some other place. Any suggestions? Is there some place I've missed?

As for the movie, watch it. That's all I'm capable of phrasing logically at the moment about it. Just watch it. Don't argue with me, watch it. Everyone. No excuses not to, for anyone.

I better enjoy this pizza VERY much. As it so happened, I locked myself out of my apartment. It costs 20 euros to get back in (no wonder at this hour). So: I better enjoy this cold Alla Pollo of mine.

After several months of waiting, it finally happened: Tim Burton's latest "Alice in Wonderland" came out. Of course I had to go and see it right away. In fact, twice in a row.

But, oh the disappointment! The movie was alright but it didn't live up to the hype. I did enjoy it as far as escapism went but unfortunately that's it. The bad side of being a genious like Tim Burton is that the bar is pretty fucking high for each movie; what would be amazing by any other director is now quite neutral in his own category. One specific thing that eats me is the use of clichés: I mean, seriously, why use Red Queen's repeated line when decapitating her champion in the final fight? I do think having the head bounce down the stairs to Red Queen's feet would have been fantastic without that patronising cliché that was used. Also, too bad Alan Rickman's face wasn't used in the CGI compilation of the caterpillar in the end.

On positive side, the Hatter was pretty interesting. Not as mad as I expected -although Depp does really nice job with the occasional glimpses of more plain insanity. Luckily we have the Hare! Now that's fantastic! He's hilarious.. "spoon!". While watching I kept wondering just exactly how some of the things were done, like expanding Bonham Carter's head like that. Perhaps the DVD release will have extras in it; I' probably going to get it so I can watch them and the movie in 2D.

Speaking of 2D... I will never again go see two 3D movies in a row. The system does indeed cause headache before long (to me the limit is about three hours).. the question is why? I'll have to see if I can find that out somewhere. Until then I suggest taking the glasses off: you can watch the film without them but the picture will be a bit odd, as if you're seeing in double. The 3D factor wasn't really used in the film much. In some occasions, most notably during the falling sequence (and the poor hedgehog!), it was interesting but most of the time it was just there. I am very much looking forward to seeing the film in the regular way. And I am so not going to go and watch "Avatar" after this. DVDs in waiting again...

Torture porn?

Yes, you read the title right. I just finished watching the sixtha nd the final Saw movie. Now, some people mocked it by claiming it's torture porn. I assume that with this the aim is to propose that the sole purpose of Saw movies is to offer people an opportunity to watch others suffer, seriously suffer, both physically and psychologically (and morally in traps involving more than one person), not so much to offer an actual plausible story in which torture is just a way of carrying out the motivations of the characters.

I suppose it all boils down to one question: which came first, the storyline or the traps? I've watched all the extras the DVDs have to offer and it seems it's a bit of a borderline case. I mean, it similar to the cases (in film, music, art etc.) which are provocative and, in fact, require thinking. The first one to come to mind is the art exhibition by some Finnish female artist who criticised child porn through photographs of minors. Another example would be the movie "An American Crime", which has been accused of sensetionalising the events that actually took place, and being blurring about whether the movie is a drama that has violence or violence with celluloid drama. I think the Finnish phrase "mässäillä väkivallalla/seksillä" is quite sufficient.

So basically: is the controversal thing there for its own sake or does it serve a "higher", more abstract purpose? If you look at Saw movies separately, I suppose one could interpret them as torture porn. However, this in turn boils down to another question: the question whether a viewer perceives Jigsaw's logic of the person's crime matching the game they are chained into, so to speak. If the viewer disagrees, and thus is in need of an even higher purpose, they are more likely to view it as torture porn. But if the viewer does agree, they may be more likely to consider the given purpose sufficient and/or is willing to wait and see what the rest of the movie has to explain on the matter (as there always is a plot twist) or perhaps to the rest of the series (Saw VI did wrap up many loose ends). Of course this division isn't infallible as all Saw movies have several traps and thus propose numerous situation, each in which the viewer must take a stand to agree or disagree with Jigsaw's logic of punishment.

The whole concept of porn (torture or regular) is also slightly problematic as there are also different views on that. Is porn for porn's sake okay? I'm sure there are plenty of people more than willing to disagree but I think it is okay. There's an interesting to this attitude within the adult film community, too: (1) Do the writers/directors take porn for porn's sake without making a plot around it to make it perhaps more believable or to point out clearer that the film is indeed fiction? (2) Do the writers/directors make up a sloppy, superficial, a-few-cliché-lines dialogue as if to.. yeah, what? Does someone need that kind of dialogue and unbelievable plot? (3) Or, do the makers, regardless of the genre and therefore, by definition, having sex in it, make a nice and believable background story and characters for the actors (I'd like to refer all lesbian porn fans to Girlfriends Films but I'm pretty sure you're aware of the production already)? Personally, I'm in favour of numbers 1 and 3. Perhaps this is why I don't get passionate over the possibility of Saws as torture porn as they make the storyline plausible enough to fall to the third category.

Apparently there's no clean-cut answer for this question (and my essay writing has clearly left my brain on the academic writing mode...). Below is a link to a YouTuber called Nykytyne2 from whom I got the term torture porn.


Yliopiston lakko ensi viikolta peruttu. Kaikki tahot kuitenkin vain toistavat samaa (luultavasti etukäteen erittäin tarkasti) laadittua tiedotetta asiasta, joka on niin epämääräinen kuin olla ja voi työsopimuksen nykyisistä ehdoista. Palkkakehitys kyllä kuvataan, mutta entäs ne sunnuntain työmääräykset ilman työntekijältä kysymistä? Sairaustapaukset? Jotain epämääräistä jälkimmäisestä on kahden aiemman mallin yhdistämisestä, mutta älkää vain kertoko mikä se uusi malli on saatika mitä ne kaksi edellistä olivat!

Perkele kun voi olla saatanan vaikeaa julkaista suoraselkäistä viestiä, helvetti!!! Pitääkö tässä opiskelijan lähteä soittelemaan Sytyyn ja tenttaamaan niiltä tarkempia tietoja, kun eivät laita niitä itse tiedotteeseen mukaan?!

To honour the International Women's Day five hours past I gathered a short list of female artists or vocalists I love.

The amazing Simone Simons (Epica):

Tori Amos:

The diverse and angry Candece Clot (Eths):

Speaks for herself.. Cristina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil):

What a voice! Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever):
- Not the best possible example of the unbelievable range of her voice but good enough

The angelic Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation):

JESSI FREY!!! (Velcra):

Apparently nothing's been going on in my life in the past weeks. Well... really, nothing useful. The most important thing is that I managed to uncloister today by sleeping approximately 16 hours and got up at five. A bit early for someone with lectures starting at noon but at least I'll be attending the class and I won't be late. And I'm going to need some caffeine to stay up.

Post scriptum: Yes, I'm pretty sure no one cares about my sleeping rhythm but I had to think of something to write as the previous entry was getting boring.

Oh, I did get the "personal" astrological reading. Bullocks, just like I thought. Apparently they just fill in the name in every second name to make it personal. Not to mention that it was over-positive. Another thing is that it repeated same phrases and sentences and paragraphs all the time. The 3-page thing can be reduced into less that 1 ½ pages when deleting all the repetition. At least it didn't make the mistake of "predicting" my love life which undoubtedly would have been straight. Bullshit. Does someone actually fall for that?!