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Tämä on taas niin tätä...!

I should just stay away from all these reader blogs, since my list of books I should read just keeps expanding. So many books, so little time!

*Juhani Aho: Juha
Claes Andersson: Kuvien takana
Joel Haahtela: Tule risteykseen seitsemältä
Paavo Haavikko: Rauta-aika
Kari Hotakainen: Sydänkohtauksia
Helvi Hämäläinen: Kadotettu puutarha
Tove Jansson: Muumilaakson marraskuu
Tove Jansson: Taikatalvi
Eeva Joenpelto: Lohja-sarja (Vetää kaikista ovista, Kuin kekäle kädessä, Sataa suolaista vettä, Eteisiin ja kynnyksille)
Aino Kallas: Reigin pappi
Mikko Karppi: Väinämöisen vyö
Aleksis Kivi: Seitsemän veljestä
Yrjö Kokko: Pessi ja Illusia
Leena Krohn: Tainaron
Mirja Kuivaniemi: Hinta
Willy Kyrklund: Polyfemoksen muodonmuutos
Tuomas Kyrö: Benjamin Kivi
Tuomas Kyrö: Liitto
Kähkönen, Sirpa: sarja - Mustat morsiamet, Rautayöt, Jään ja tulen kevät, Lakanasiivet
Heidi Köngäs: Vieras mies
Jukka Larsson (Saisio): Kiusaaja
Joel Lehtonen: Kerran kesällä
Väinö Linna: Tuntematon sotilas
*Miikka Nousiainen: Vadelmavenepakolainen
*Sofi Oksanen: Puhdistus
Hagar Olsson: Silkkimaalaus
L. Onerva: Mirdja
Arto Paasilinna: Jäniksen vuosi
Outi Pakkanen: Hinnalla millä hyvänsä
Juhani Peltonen: Elmo
Maria Peura : On rakkautes ääretön
Tuula Rotko: Susi ja surupukuinen nainen
Markku Rönkkö: Juoksupoika
Matti Rönkä: Tappajan näköinen mies
Kauko Röyhkä: Kaksi aurinkoa
Pirkko Saisio: Elämänmeno
Pirkko Saisio: trilogia Pienin yhteinen jaettava, Vastavalo ja Punainen erokirja
Hannu Salama: Finlandia-sarja
Solveig von Schoultz: Heijastus ikkunassa
Raija Siekkinen: Novellit
Lassi Sinkkonen: Solveigin laulu
Aili Somersalo : Mestaritontun seikkailut
Eeva Tenhunen: Mustat kalat
Mila Teräs: Pimeän taivaan kilta
*Märta Tikkanen : Miestä ei voi raiskata
Märta Tikkanen: Punahilkka
Antti Tuuri: Pohjanmaa
Mika Waltari: Sinuhe egyptiläinen
Kjell Westö: Missä kuljimme kerran
Lauri Viita : Moreeni

I am freaking out! (This list was compiled by a librarian, Eija-Liisa Kuortti, in her blog at

Minuscule - Ruohonjuuritasolla.

This is the real gem!

Snail wants to speed up:

(The first one I saw on Pikku Kakkonen)

The Fight for the Lollipop:

How Insects Handle Chewing Gum:

(NB! Listen to the sound inside the spider's head! And put the chewings gums to the bin once you're finished, please.)

Ladybug straightens the bullies:


(I KNOW!!! =D)

The Ugly Snail:

Night of Horror:

(Voi toista...!)

Cicada falls in love with Latin music:

Worms in love:

ADHD Ladybug:

Hot and Cold:

Star Wars á la Ladybug and Wasps:

Slavery in the Western culture today.

Marc Headley, a former Scientology member of fifteen years, speaks in a conference in Hamburg, Germany, of his experiences while working at the headquarters of Scientology International, US.

Of course it's not slavery, they're just devoted to their religion, aren't they? And even if it's true, sure this is just an isolated thing, isn't it? No one would really do this in a modern civilised West, would they? Up to you to decide once listening to his story (+ introduction) in this YouTube playlist.

No just...

"I'm so happy now that Daniel proposed to me."
"I. Am. So. Happy. Now. That Daniel. Proposed. to me."

The woman is a bloody princess. And not just any princess but the crown princess of the Kingdom of Sweden. The crown princess who will in future be the namely ruler of the country that competes the title of the most progressive and equal country in the known world. And what does she say? "I'm so happy now that Daniel proposed to me"?! Where is the Swedish non-traditional-bound equality now?

Stand-up comedy in church á la Magnus Betnér.
(with English subtitles if your Swedish is not that strong)

Takes a while to load but I guarantee it's worth it! Everything's better in Sweden, even churches. That's the one place on earth where there probably won't be the Swiss type of prevention of the atheist bus campaign (see for more information on that).

A somewhat useless questionnaire...

From millikan. I've just finished the first draft of an EU translation so pardon my reluctance for more elaborate translations if the questions or answers those require.

1. What did you do exactly 24 hours ago?
At 19.51 p.m. I... what did I do... I was probably on the computer. Yes, listing possible songs for a funeral at YouTube.

2. How did you meet the person who is the seventh person on your cell phone's number list?
She started studying the same major at the same time with me and the thirteen others. Met her on the first day, talked to her probably some time during the first week, possibly at some of the first lecture on basic studies there was.

3. Do you have a lot of routines?
Neuroses would probably be more accurate word in my case. And the answer is yes. Some might say I'm going to the extremes but it gives the false sense of order and I want to cling to that, even if it requires putting my socks in a certain order in a certain place after I've hanged them dry in a certain place on the drier facing a certain direction.

4. Are you honest?
To some extent I am. To some extent, or if the situation so requires, I am not.

5. Why do you live where you live?
Had problems with the previous land lord and I left when I got sick of waiting for him to do his share of the contract and keep the place from falling apart.

6. Can you say, without checking the calendar, the date of today?
Haven't checked but I wrote down 19th on the bill. Fuck, it's the twentieth. Have to remember to correct the dates on the bills.

7. When is the last time you cooked?
I suppose warming a pizza in the oven doesn't qualify for cooking... in which case I can't remember.

8. Can you name the first CD you bought?
My first C-tape was 'Jagged Little Pill' by Alanis Morrisette. As for the CD... no recollection of that.

9. What kind of a position are you in at the present time?
I'm sitting on a chair in a quite upright position regardless of my not-so-stern way of carrying myself.

10. What is your family like? Who belong to your family?
Mother, little sister and little brother. Not my family of choice.

11. What would you like to happen tomorrow?
I'd like to go to the gym and to Combat. Haven't been there in a long time.

12. How many secrets do you have?
Quite a few public secrets I'm sure. Actual secrets... a few of those as well, some more serious than others. But you said it millikan, "[e]ri ihmisille eri salaisuuksia".

13. Do you dream a lot in the night? Share the latest.
Yes, I see dreams and unfortunately remember quite well them, too. Last night I dreamt of watching a 3D porn film starring Kevin Spacey with Ron Jeremy's dick (supposing he doesn't have one similar to the original of his own, that is... wouldn't know). I'm sure you're all feeling sooo locky to know this. It was gay porn, by the way.

14. Are you shy rather than wild?
Shy, I guess. But really, are those the extremes of the same line? I think not.

15. Do you sense if someone stares at you?
Since I don't recall ever sensing such a thing and also noting that the possibilities of this not happening are quite low, the logical conclusion is that I clearly do not sense that.

16. Who was the person you shook hands with the last time?
No idea when's the last time I shook hands so no identity, either.

17. What do you see when you close your eyes?
The square reflection of the screen in darkness.

18. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

19. How many people were in the biggest audience to whom you've performed?
There were probably 40+ people in that on lecture where I did an ex tempore presentation on George W. Bush's (ab)use of language.

20. What was the best thing of the day?
Can't think of much. It was a regular beneath neutral day for me. I could name the worst thing: the two drunkards behind me in the store. Their mere presence is enough to incite numerous violent non-fantasies in my mind.

21. Do you classify people?
Everyone does, and I'm not an exception to 'everyone'.

22. From how high do you watch the world?
175 above the ground.

23. Do you have pets?

24. Name a positive feature in a human being?

25. Oletko tullut enemmän äitiin vai isään?
I don't care. I only avoid being either of them.

26. Do you believe in miracles?

27. When are you more busy, during the weekdays or during the weekend?

28. Were you happy when you woke up this morning?
Not particularly happy nor sad. Perplexed due to Kevin Spacey.

29. Have you met you grandparents' parents?
I have met my father's mother's father. He's the only one.

30. What kills interest (when speaking of humans)?
I suppose it would be easier to list the things that don't kill interest.

31. Are you jealous at others?
Yes. Sometimes I wish for their ability to ignore the shit on this planet but then I start wondering if it really were any better, to go from sensitivity to ignorance. No, it wouldn't.

32. Have you ever been sellign in a second-hand market place?

33. When does a person live the best time in their lives?
When a person dies and realises there is no God. Those who figured that out during this lifetime are happy, those who didn't suffer for all the lost chances for a more enjoyable life. Wait.. no I sound like a Christian. Okay... there's no such thing as 'the best time of a life'. Hmm... no, the best time is when a person dies and that's the end of it. Nothing. Niente. Nada. End of story, goodbye, the end.

34. How many cousins do you have?

35. Do you write a diary?
Unless you count blogging as keeping a diary, then not.

36. When is the last time you cried and why?
Can't remember.

37. What reminds you of last summer?
Many books.

38. Are we all indispensible to someone or something?
No. As indivisuals we may be unique but not indispensible.

39. Describe your natural hair colour.
Some cue of brown with an odd blond stripe.

40. Whose name day it is on your birthday?
A person I would have cursed to hell if I believed in the existence of the place about a year ago. A straight male co-student who insisted to go for a coffee with me. No positive connotations from that department.

41. Have you ever gone to a bathroom during a film?
Eh, no. Most adults are probably capable of controlling their bladder for a couple of hours.

42. Is inner beauty invented by and for the ugly?
Yes. The only beauty is on the outside.

43. Do you ever go to sleep with your make-up on?
Don't do make-up (unless black nailpolis is make-up in which case yes. It takes so much damn work to get the polish there that I wouldn't do it to be worn for a single day).

44. Can you cook rice?
Haven't tried but I suppose that's what the instructions are for.

45. Do you like loneliness?
A newsflash: "Alone I stand, alone I fall". And you, too.

46. Do you have dreams?
I was just asked this on Tuesday. No, still don't. No point.

47. Your favourite season of the year?
Late-autumn (=after the nights are below zero), winter, and the beginnign of spring (until the nights are above zero).

Shahida - Brides of Allah.

Watched the aforementioned documentary last night. It would appear to me that those women do not really understand why they are there. Like Wafaa who didn't get what she wanted from the guards and started acting like a macabre child: "When I get out of here, I'll blow myself up among Israelis!" And how they talked about how their families somehow look up to them while looking down on them; on the other hand, they did try to become martyrs, on the other hand they failed to do so. Their mothers will not receive gifts from the neighbours for being the mother of a martyr. And the martyrdom in general... I cannot describe the feeling when the new mother (Samar) first tried to teach her son to say 'God is great" (Allahu akhbar, if I recall correctly), and then while being surrounded by the other prisoners, held her son in her arms, cuddled him and said she wished he'll become a martyr: "You'll be a good suicide bomber!" and "just like a true Hamas [member]".

And all this for what? Men martyrs believe they get 72 virgins in paradise (which may, by the way, be a translational mistake: not 'virgin' but 'white raisins of crystal clarity' [God Delusion, Ch. 3]). Women's belief is based on the very same thing as their life here on Eart: submission. It seems to be universal. In the US during slavery (and during segregation and after it) the highest in the hierarchy was a white male. Then came white women, then black men and at the end of the food chain black women. White men dominated over the others but black men had only one they could exercise power over: black women. And so they suffered. When someone controls you, you want to control someone to feel "higher", that you're not the lowest worm. My guess is that black women took it on their children. In the case of female suicide bombers and their motivations, their motivation is, as said, of the same principle. Now they are the end of the food chain, merchadise to and of men. They take it out on their daughters (because even the youngest son comes before wives and elder sisters) and daughters-in-law. And they in turn do the same to their daughters and daughters-in-law. E voilà, we have a neverending cycle of revenge on whomever one can consider being lower than yourself. Female martyrs believe that while men get the 72 virgin/raisins, they, the women, will be the rulers over those virgin/raisins. Control, power, submission, dominion.

And it never ends. One of the interviewed prisoners said the holy war will end when Israel is no more. And then she went on including that the war continues as long as there are subdued Muslims in the world. My question: does that include the submission of Muslim women by Muslim men? And this crap about Islam being the least misogynist religion... did they look at each other, see the veils?! Did they not remember being treated as being worth less than their brothers?! Did they not remember being married off at fourteen, having children ever since?! Do they not remember the talaq-rule, that a man can legally divorce his wife just by saying 'talaq' three times, no questions asked from anyone, especially the wife?! Do they not see?! But then again... no place on this planet honours women. We are trash, merchandise that can be used and sold, the price depending on the state of usage. A man in need of money sold/married off his eight-year-old daughter for a few thousand dollars to his sixty-something friend; the girl hidden by her mother cannot get a divorce because she is *not old enough*! One can see the same principle here in Finland: you're legally allowed to have sex and get pregnant at sixteen, but you need to be at least thirty in order to get a sterilisation. As long as this law is standing, women do not own their own bodies. We are cattle, baby machines.

Did we, the mankind, ever stop to ask ourselves are we worthy of survival?

No, we are not. There is no point talking about a civilisation as long as women are not human. I may be a bit early but at least the past 500 thousand years of human beings has not improved on that department.

Imagine if there was 50 thousand survivals of humans while other for some reason perished. The remaining population is small and not growing fast enough to avoid extinction of the homo sapiens [sic!]. What would happen to women? Would we get to choose whether or not to have children, to use contraception, to have abortions? Or would we officially become what we are now merely implied to be: cattle to produce more human beings? Then ask yourself this: would we be worthy of surviving if we behave like this, if we are ready to use the other half as human baby machines, breeding cattle? What makes us different from other animals then (killing your own and other species for fun, aside)? Nothing. So, why would we be worth surviving? I can't think of any reason.

- 20 astetta miinusta...
- nenän limakalvot liimautuvat toisiinsa...
- kerroksittain lunta joka puolella...
- keuhkoissakin tuntuu kihelmöintiä joka hengenvedolla...
- aurinko paistaa pilvettömältä taivaalta...



I've just spent nearly five whole days with my nearly two-year-old cousin. Now that I'm home I can only say one thing: it's so damn quiet! I love being back home but I do miss just a little bit of her constant "Leikkimään!" commands (and other more or less comprehensible sayings such as "Ei saa X" and then doing the thing X!) Pössöö pässi... Or her knowing that I slept in the guest room and her standing each morning behind the door saying -audibly to me- the same things and doing the same things:

(approaching the door) "S nukkuu"
(approaching the door a bit more) "Herättää"
(almost touching the door and then backing) "Ei uskulla" (not a typo, by the way)
Repeat a few times until I get up and she gets me to drag my still a bit sleepy self to the living room and the toys (and Kakko of course, meaning Pikku-Kakkonen). Cute. =)

For some reason getting along with kids seems to equal being a good mother. Hello! NOT! Or some people saying that "it's different with your own kids" if a woman does not get along with kids in general (see this blog for further inspection: It's a no-win situation.