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Näytetään bloggaukset tammikuulta 2011.

Just another Saturday morning...

When I went to bed last night, this wasn't quite the morning I had in mind. My back's been a bit icky since last afternoon but not too bad. I went to bed, fell asleep.. and around 4.30 I attempt to shift my position and a curseing-inducing pain strikes worse than ever. Even leaning to the wall (previously useful method) proved useless. So, with elderly steps (and I use that word in its broadest sense) I gather up some things to my bag, use half an hour to dress (putting on trousers and a t-shirt can be quite painstaking.. heehee...) and finally call an ambulance to get me to the A&E (or ER, if you will; the British word is not used very often). That's what you get for living in the periphery without a license to drive: the place is an hour's walk away normally so walking was not the best option. And of course it has to be Saturday morning when no busses go. So, I get my first ride on an ambulance, get admitted and wait for half an hour for my turn. It was interesting to watch the others, wondering why they were there. The couple that came after me, no idea. The couple before me... the woman had a bleeding nose and a "throw-up-here" cup in front of her.. have to admit, domestic violence did come to mind. One guy slept in a rather awkward position on the double chair (at one point he slept like my cousin as a baby: kneeling with her head to the pillow and bottom up in the air).

Finally I get to the doctor, find out that my reaction was much ado about nothing and get prescriptions for extra strong painkillers. Before leaving, I get three shots on my bottom since the pharmacists were all still closed. Laying on my stomach while getting three needles on my arse confirmed my suspicions: not exactly my usual morning. And now I need to stay awake until I can get the prescriptions from the local drug store.

Apparently, I have to move as much as possible for my back to heal. I guess I'll be going to the library, too. Unfortunately, that's all I have to spend the time I'm supposed to do something. Sigh... no 'Big Bang Theory' or 'Stargate SG-1' or 'Stargate: Atlantis' to me. Maybe I'll put some books under my TV and play 'God of War' standing up. Then I'd most certainly move.. and chant "Die! Die! Die!" while killing a virtual minotaur. :)

But since the library won't open for another hour, I do want to watch more Sheldon's absurdities.

Speaking of which... Does anyone here play World of Warcraft? I was thinking of starting that and hopefully developing an addiction to it, so I would stop complaining about my lack of social circles. Besides, the WoW game packages always look so very appealing. And who could resist a game with a name "Wrath of the Lich King"? Yeah, Nerdvana. :)