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What is Pride. It's familiar to most of us guys and gals, but what's the substance behind and inside of Pride. And when it comes to translating the whole idea and the meaning to Finnish... It's been tried and found out that it's much easier to stick with Pride. So we've done just that.

All around the world the rainbow people gather together in carnivals and festivals all around the year to let other people see that we're queer and we're here. So do we in Finland. Here we have a Pride week once a year and it's held in Helsinki.

The Pride Week in Helsinki is always a collection of different venues and it really lasts a week! Lately we've had art exhibitions, meetings of rainbow families, parties, and of course the Pride Parade.

Under this page we've put some pictures of late prides. Enjoy and welcome here next year!

Mainoskatko - Sisältö jatkuu alla
Mainoskatko loppuu

» Pride 2008 - Helsinki June 23rd - June 29th
» Pride 2007 - Helsinki
» Pride 2006 - Helsinki
» Pride 2005 - Tampere
» Pride 2004 - Helsinki
» Pride 2002 - Helsinki

For more information visit's and's pride -pages.

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