An Idea in My Head

  • Teema
  • Runous
  • Mikko Kivinen

You were always an idea in my head,
Ever since I got you in my bed,
The words "what if" rang like a bell,
For a while they made my life a living hell,
But even if I try and try my very best
You will never be the keeper of my nest.

I was naive to go drowning in your eyes,
When I should have noticed the cries,
The cries for freedom within you,
They will always be haunting in you,
Or maybe one day there will be,
A silencing sea, but it will never be me.

Still I have to thank you for all you caused,
Before you my life was just paused,
And now it moves and breaths and screams,
I am finally alive again, or so it seems,
I hope you will find what you're looking for,
Someone who will tame your wild, wild core.

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