• Teema
  • Runous
  • Mikko Kivinen

You woke me from a long dream,
A passive and gloomy scream,
You broke the persistant chain,
And I can feel like this again,
I can drown in your wet lips,
I can caress and hold your hips.

And I don't know what you did,
Cuz now I only feel like a kid,
The excited anticipation for you,
But I just don't know what to do,
I need you to want me like I do,
Let this hot affair consume you.

This flame is young and fragile still,
It might just go out or it might spill,
It shines and burns for you strong,
These words just cannot be wrong,
But like castles made of ice cream,
Maybe after all, you too are just a dream.

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