No One Can Compare

  • Teema
  • Runous
  • Mikko Kivinen

There looking out at the first snow falling,
It was like I had suddenly received a calling,
And I really could not stop smiling,
So I found a piece of paper and began scrawling,
About the fantastic way you burn in my heart,
How I always wanna be with you - never apart.

Those eyes of dark brown that warm me up,
And the smile that really fills my cup,
Are strengthtened by the power of your kiss,
You really are my complete idea of bliss,
The way I feel when you touch - It soothes,
And baby, when you make love, the earth moves.

To me you are so gentle and so kind,
You really are something that blows my mind,
I can never show or give enough love,
You are someone that has come from above,
And if you ever feel lost, I'll be there,
You mean so much to me, no one can compare.

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