My Friend, Lover, Brother, Soulmate

  • Teema
  • Runous
  • Mikko Kivinen

I lie awake in my bed
Thinking about the things he said
I live in my dreams once more
As if I had never closed that door
For it is the door that parts him and I
It’s the curse between space and the sky

The feel of his lips pressing against mine
Is something even God would think of as divine
I don’t know what happened during that time
All I know is heaven sent him as a sign
Someone up there still loves me
Someone will always walk with me

But was that time just an illusion?
Did one even look at the situation
Even Oscar Wilde has said
When without freedom awoke in his cell instead:
”Ideals are dangerous things, realities are better”
But I must still I believe as I’m writing this letter…

A piece of Heaven I held in my hand
But things are slipping away like sand
And now as I sit in this train of life
In my heart pain is twisting a knife
The train is speeding away from him
And I’m hanging out on a high limb

Next to him I once have lain
I want to feel him near me again
His face, his hands, his everything
To me seem quite overwhelming
Tell me why aren’t you here?
My Friend, Lover, Brother, Soulmate.

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