Infatuation gone

  • Teema
  • Runous
  • Mikko Kivinen

After a while,
Infatuation gone,
What's left?

Talked on the phone,
Still feeling all alone,
Why is that?
You don't want me anymore.

Why does it always come to this?
What could I do?
How do I change myself?
There is no way.

No matter how hard I try,
It always ends the same,
The fault was mine, again.
How can I end this?

Mainoskatko - Sisältö jatkuu alla
Mainoskatko loppuu

So much questions,
Not even a little strength,
To answer one of them,
Who cares anyway?

I'll leave it at that,
Continue onward,
As I always have,
But how do I kill these feelings?

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