Give Me Strength

  • Teema
  • Runous
  • Mikko Kivinen

My darling I miss you.
Let me be the one to kiss you
To hold you in my arms before I die
I can't stand alone, I only cry.
I need someone who'll be the one
who'll be as warm as the sun.

I've been held and I've been used.
I've been hurt and I've been cursed.
How did I ever come to this again?
I was strong and I was vain
I swore never to know love again
but I guess it just doesn't go that way...

Look at me and you'll see in my eyes
Fear of emotions and their sheer size.
You're something I never thought to be true
but thinking of you next to me and I knew
There was no hell and I was at heaven's door
but I'm still fighting the pain I felt before.

Give me the strength to be better than I am
Hold me tight, with your love help me stand
I'll promise to be the one you can hold on to
Whenever life's burden puts it's load on you
My love can take you so high, so high
I'll lift you up and you'll touch the sky.

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