• callmeisabelle

Look alive, sunshine

The plan for this weekend was to stay home, study for the university entrance exams and maybe do the dishes and clean up and stuff.

But then I got restless and asked a friend to go out drinking with me. So we're going out tonight and tomorrow will be spent with a hangover. Well, I have mondays off from work, so I can study and clean then.

I blame her for saying yes.

Well, not really. I'm glad she agreed 'cause I haven't gone out since New Year's and I NEED to go out and spend time with people I don't work with.

Because lately my social life has consisted of chatting with co-workers (nothing wrong with that, most of them are really nice actually) and trying to explain where the restrooms are to tourists I share no common language with.

So yeah.

And because I enjoy sharing music I like with you, here's a lyric video for Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance;