Yes, it is him, and he looks like a retired 80's Falcon gay porn-star still clinging to his former steroid glory or a bionically engineered German wrestler gone wrong. By the way, he's called Manfred now.

Arnold Schwarzenegger then and Thierry Mugler now. Seems the 59-year-old French designer and perfumer has been lifting weights to such an extent that he's bulked himself into an unrecognizable musclebound creature that necessitated a name change. Please, call him Manfred Mugler now. "He's been incommunicado since he closed his couture house," said a former friend. "What he's done to his body is totally scary. He started out as a classical ballet dancer. Now he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime." We think he – his head at least – looks like Bruce Willis.

Tässä teille oikea SUGARDADDY.

Alastonkuvakin löytyy, jos googlaa!
Varmasti gay. Tuleeko hänestä pornotähti?
Nenää ei ole halunnut korjata, koska se näyttää nyrkkeilijän nenältä. Joku on iskenyt sen kasaan.
Muuttanut etunimensä MANFREDIKSI. Nyt voi odottaa, että villitys ja look siirtyy vanhenevien heteromiesten pariin- wannabedaddy!

As George Michael will testify to, it’s not just drink that causes problems. Over the past two decades the number of victims from drug drivers has increased 600 per cent and it is taken just as seriously by insurers.

Mikä on tatuointi, joka loistaa pimeässä, mutta ei näy päivänvalossa?

Tänne ei saa ladattua kuin pieniä kuvatiedostoja- voisiko suurentaa kokoa?

I’m a performer, so I love to play in front of a crowd, but I’m actually happiest in bed with Kenny and the dogs at the end of the evening. I enjoy the simple things.
I’ve been training three days a week for nine months in my gym at home. I’ve even quit smoking because I need to be as energetic as possible on stage. But I still smoke cannabis – although not as much as I used to.

Onko George narkki???