gay pride flag

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  • yankit
  • 17.6.2003 4:23
i have some very exciting news to pass onto you in finland.i live in key west, florida a very gay place to be i have lived here for the past fourteen years and this past week june 7th through the 14th we celebrated the 25th anniversary of the gay flag...gilbert was in town for the event he came from san fransisco 3 months ago to sew a flag 1 1/4 miles long which over 2000 people held up from the gulf of mexico to the atlantic ocean it was one of the most amazing moments i have ever experienced. gilbert added the original two colors that were left out of the original for the first pride parade 25 years ago..what a week..the reason i am writng this is to share the experience since i am a finn and wanted to let you all know that there is a gay finn here in key west. i am coming to finland this summer and would like to meet some together people.i do speak finnish.