Query about gay sauna Vogue.

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  • aminkooni
  • 25.4.2013 15:48
Actually I recently moved to Helsinki and I discovered that there is a gay sauna here. I'm more into be a bottom but I've never been in a gay sauna(I'm almost virgin and 28 years old). I really exited to go there but a little shy and afraid. I don't know what should I expect and how should I behave.
What are the facilities there? I mean for example will they provide condoms,lube... Is it same as the bathhouse which I read about?

Does anyone has ideas?
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  • valtsu_Kalliossa
  • 26.5.2013 10:46
Just go there and see it for yourself. The necessary information is on their homepage. Sundays tend to be crowded with a mixed age clientele. In the beginning of the week it is more quiet with older clientele even though Tuesday is advertised as a youngster day with special discount for 18 to 25 yr olds.

A locker, towel, condom and lubricant is provided. Take your own soap and shampoo if you wish, the stuff provided at the showers is more something the army used to provide

It is a clean and safe place. At least some time ago they had copies of reports of investigations on the wall when somebody had made complaints to the authorities, who then had given clean bills of health and order. Alcohol licence B (beer and wine). Smoking allowed only on the rooftop terrace.