Talking finnish like no person like chost,,,,

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  • Torontosta
  • 23.2.2010 4:07
The way of popular talking is like over myself they talk in 3 person. Sample: somepody in a intrewiew ask them how do you like (something for example,,) They say: No,, mennaan samoilla kuin ennen, fiilis on hyva, ollaan sitten menossa . Tiedetaan kuinka paastaan siihen, ollaan ja tehdaan. Pidetaan siita . That short of talk I dont'n like. Just tell I do this and I say so,,,
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  • Dragon-85
  • 23.2.2010 5:31
It's not actually talking in 3rd person, it's in passive... I guess that has something to do with the Finnish neutrality and avoidance of emphasizing self.
Cultural differences do exist in addition to personal differences. If the tendency to use the passive voice instead of active first person active irritates you, I get pissed off with the constant need of small talk, meaningless pleasantries, smiling and even patting and touching in vogue with many from the other side of Atlantic. One just has to try to understand these and not let them disturb over a reasonable degree.