About occupations

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  • Druusi
  • 20.3.2002 10:31
Let's try this one out and hope that someone sees this who has experience about this. :-)

I was just wondering, having written to other parts of this forum, if there was some occupation in other parts of the world that was preoccupied by gay people. There are several occupations here in Finland that most people think as "gay occupations" (i.e. nursing staff, air steward, hair stylist).

I have travelled a lot throughout the world and pondered this question as people in those occupations don't seem to be gays except here in Finland. :-D
(Sorry about my poor English.. :P )

--Druusi, wonderer
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  • Pete
  • 31.3.2002 18:27
Hi druusi...
Idon't know in which parts of the world you have been wandering around, but I can assure you, that everywhere I've been living (Switzerland, USA, Italy, Germany, UK)those professions you mentioned are also extremely gay. One addition, too: interior designer...
Here in this side of Atlantic those you mensioned are true,also a lot of departament and any store staff.,specially cosmetic dep.,florists,waiters,office workers,professionals :(layers,doctors,dentists,etc.)Bartenders,ballet,theater,makeup artists ,designers are large group of in gay demand.