New discussion area opened.

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  • Peit
  • 18.1.2002 22:40
Feel free to participate to this area.

I hope that we keep this english-conversation up also, because we might have foreign friends, which don't understand finnish fluently.

Welcome, enjoy and feel pride. =)
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  • CDN Guy
  • 12.6.2002 4:39
It was great to find this site!

I used to live in Oulu when I was younger and always wondered where the gay life was there?

I am planning to come back to Finland next year to visit and would like to explore it further, any suggestions?
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  • Pete
  • 12.6.2002 13:22
Hi there. I don't know anything about Oulu, but Helsinki is my "home turf". So, if you want to know more, feel free to contact me at
Hi Folks,

I'm a gay man looking at a possible relocation to Finland from USA. I am considering two possible locations to live in-Tampere and Helsinki.

As a gay man who wants to meet and build a network/family of gay friends in Finland.. what are my prospects if I were to choose Tampere over the Helsinki area? I suspect that Helsinki has a lot more gay people. But would Tampere be next to impossible to find gay friends in? Especially given that I prefer gay men that are 50yo and over.

I am not into bars.. so that is not a reason I would prefer Helsinki. But I would like to live in a city where I have a chance at meeting other gay people.

Thanks in advance for your replies!