International Students in Finland

Well, I hope it's not unappropriate to leave this message here...

I'm from France and going to spend this school year in Tampere... I was wondering where I could find information about gay life in Tampere but also in Finland... This message might interest future International student or people willing to gat in touch with foreign visitors...

Salut David!

Malhereusmant mon Francais n'est plus que je voudrais...

Sorry. I'm sure there must be at least three mistakes in that sentence.
I'm a Finn, but worked 7+ years abroad with UN speaking mostly English but also 3 years French (In Geneva in UN Security Service). I also studied French in school and in Finnish Military Academy (an equivalent of your St. Cyr), where I learned how to give the orders to attack to an armored brigade in French, but not how to order a "sousmarine" in a bistro...

I would really, really want to rehearse my French, It's all about talking and listening. Unfortunately even in Geneva most of my friends and colleagues were English-speaking, so it was basically like living in a little British enclave. And unfortunately u live in Tampere. We live in Espoo…

My husband is Scottish (Escot en Francais, je croix?) and he has studied here for a year when he was 18 before going back to Scotland for a couple of years to work as a journalist. Then he got a job with an internationally successful mobile phone company (guess witch one…) and came back and stayed.

I met him here. C’est drolè. (I hope that was right at least…) To meet someone in your home country, who happens to speak your language of work or choice as his mother tongue? He’s been here for 7 years and we have been together for 4 years now.
I was just thinking
Hi Davicitio,

What kind of gay life are you looking for? Bars or other activities? A good place to start is your local SETA office.


The one in Helsinki just moved to Mannerheimintie 170 A, 5th floor.
Open from 10-16.

The one in Tampere can be found:

Hämeenpuisto 41 A 47
33200 Tampere.
Tel. (03) 214 8721

Just walk right in and ask about anything--they're there to help.
Hi Zero,

Thanks for your help. I get to Tampere on Sept. 2 so I guess I'll go to the local SETA the next week.

Its funny, Zero is the name of THE Spanish gay magazine...

Take care, Davicito xxx
Hi Pete,

Dont worry there's only one mistake in your sentence. Better learn hot to order a drink rather than soldiers, uh?

Scottish = Ecossais

C'est drôle

A bientôt, Davicito xxx
hello: im an international student wanting to know lesbian minded ! in turku! latin! pls help
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Hi Sofia

I'm finnish but also new in turku. I began my studies this fall. I'm also wondering about how and where to meet girls with whom I might have some things in common. I found Hemoglobiini in internet. It is an association for gay, lesbian and transsexual students in Turku. I havent been to any meetings yet, but I'm planning to find out more about this Hemoglobiini.

they have web pages in english at the following address (it's best to use internet explorer. mozilla firefox web browser doesn't show all the text in the page.)

best wishes to you
Sorry, misspelled. The association is called Homoglobiini, not Hemoglobiini.
Hi to everyone!

i´m from Spain and i´m also an exchange student in helsinki. Could you tell me places to go in the city and places to meet people to go out by night?

Other subject is that our University can´t give us accomodation, so i´m searching for a room, do you know of someone who is searching for a roomate, or places where I can search for it.

thankx very much.
Hi Rober!

Firstly as said before you should contact SETA,they have all sorts of information in Helsinki:


Mannerheimintie 170 A (5th Floor)
00300 Helsinki
Phone (09) 681 2580
E-mail: toimisto
Open: mo, we - fri klo 10-14 tue 10-13

As for nightlife good place to start is DTM on Iso Roobertinkatu( ),I believe they still hand out Helsinki Gay Maps etc.It's cafe is open during the day as well.
Hello everybody! Well I need some body that can help me with these! I come from Latin country and I heve been leaving in Filand for more than 5 years already I am also student and I have permanet residencial permit to stay in Finland the thing is that I spent my last year in Mexico as exchange student and falling in love of a mexican girl. I would like her to come here to leave with me but, I dont have any idea what have to do in the laws side??? please help me! Do I have same rights as forenier gay person? or the laws are only to the finn´s gay people?...Thanks and waiting from comments