Finnish buddy for British guy?

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  • Andy
  • 21.9.2013 14:14
Hey everyone
I am a 22 year old British guy and I have fallen in love with Helsinki. I would love to live there one day and so I have began finnish lessons. The problem is, there's no one to speak finnish with in the UK!

I would love to make some finnish friends and find out more about your country and of course yourselves!

I look forward to your reaponses

Hi Andy,

My husband and I have actually hosted some foreign gay tourists and expats here in Helsinki; Brits, Germans, Chinese and Americans.
I'm just afraid that we might be a bit too old crew/crows for you. I'm 48 and my husband (a Glaswegian) is 42.
I think it might be best for you not to trust the old geezers like us to show you the scene or something like that. We have no idea...
For god's sake, our main activities lately have involved getting our summer cottage in a proper winter shape, getting our Airedale trimmed and picking berries and mushrooms in the woods...
That's how it goes in every marriage, I suppose (not complaining, or anything).

I can however try to find "pals" for you for example via other participants of this site. Just remember that this site is not a date site.

Best regards and welcome to Helsinki:

Pete X

EDIT: Where in UK you live Andy? We have actually lots of finnish/finnish speaking friends for example in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh.