My Fabulous Gay Wedding

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  • tyronecoco
  • 9.5.2005 23:49
A former "Kid in the Hall' Scott Thompson plays a wedding fairy host in thr new reality show My Fabulous Gay Wedding.which airs Weds.June 1st at 10 pm (here in Canada).Paul Bellini, told he cried when he saw the preview tapes."What I saw was one of the most impressive gay programmes I have watched in a long time.Most gay TV is not for gays.The real money is selling watered-down queerness to a straight audience.
I hope you get to see this sometime soon in Finland!
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  • Juksteri
  • 15.5.2005 23:38
Let's just hope someone at channel Nelonen or Subtv will take note. Crazier things have happened.

I was just wondering...What are the shows that have watered-down queerness and are really targeted at a straight audience? Queer Eye? Queer as Folks? The L Word? Judging by comments posted on this site, those shows are far too queer even for Finnish queer audience. :-)
If the shows aren't targeted at gay audiences, why do they advertise them mainly on gay websites and in the gay press?