Changing from lesbian to bi-sexual?

Sorry, I cannot write in Finnish. My girlfriend told me 10 years long, that she is lesbian. Now she discovered that she is bi-sexual. She is sleeping with a man, who takes money for it. She does not want a permanent boyfriend and prefers to go to a male prostitute.
I am suffering very much. Has anyone make similar experience? Shall I be tolerant and close the eyes? Maggie
Dear Maggie, give her two choises: You and dildo or hit a high way.
There´s no way you have to put on with that, at least I wouldn´t.
I think dildo should feed her hunger for.... you know. Talk with her and tell her how you feel, it´s not only her and her needs in that relationship.
If she can´t understand your point of view, give her boot and for good.
You have your life too, don´t make yourself victim here.
Dear DKNY,
thanks for your quick answer. Unfortunately she has already broken two dildos and managed to hurt herself so much, that she to go to hospital now for operation.
I must tell you that she is 36 years old while I am 30 years older. Maybe I was a bit lazy in sexual things in the last time. After 10 years it is not as if you just met and discover each other. I feel very guilty and at the same time very sad.
The relationship was once started by her and also wanted that I came to her country. I have here no friends, do not know the language and have MS. I cannot go back to my homecountry because I do not have the money for it. Only my 36 animals costed a fortune. Someone has to accompany them as the ship needs two days until it is in Germany.
I think I have no choice to give her boot. And I love her dearly. It was my fault, when I thought sex is not the most important thing in a relationship. Now I get the receipt for it.
I thank you once more. It helps already not to be alone with my grief.
All the best to you,
Hmmm can you be little be more specific with details (ok not all info,please) but how person can break dildo? Did she hammer nails to the walls with them or did she just hammer herself with them?Is she into S/M? Please tell me it´s the first choice.

And about this age diffrence...that usually happends when you get older that hunger for sex is cooling down little bit. ..I know some of us are like rabbits till the end but not all of us.
I think best solution is Talking, what both of you want for each other and how you can help (if you can) each other on that.

I´m a bit curious on one thing....what do you mean 36 six animals? Please tell me they are goldfishes....or it´s antfarm.
And don´t you worry ´bout a thing with the language problems, I´m dealing with same problems here in Germany everyday. I must say sometimes these language is driving me Nuts!!!
One more word of wise.....get a friend. I don´t think it´s that difficult in Finland. Finns speaks better english than people here in Germany....sorry about that but you know it´s true.
Actually I cannot tell you how she broke her two dillos. She likes a little bit of pain when making sex. But that cannot lead to this destroyance. I am not there when she is using it. She expects all the time more of sex. She can go on for hours. And if she cannot have seceral orgasmen, she gets angry.
You are right, I am not sooo active in sex. If due to age, I do not know. I was always the type who wants to control her sex. I always hoped that I would be sufficient for her, but obviouly failed.
My animals were first of all nine dogs. Then birds, guinea pigs one bottle lamb and two goats. One Norwegian horse.One snake and several geckos. Only fish I did not have.
By the way, are you German? I am from Germany.
It is not easy to part from her, as I paid this house but gave it as a present to her some years ago. Now I know how silly I was, but nothing can be changed.
You are right, I should find a friend, but this is VERY difficult in Finland. People live very inside, they do not talk to other people if they have not known them from sandbox times. Overandabove I live outside of Tampere at the end of the world. As I cannot drive a car anymore, it is a bit difficult for me to come to Tampere. I have a Volkswagen bus, but what does it help???
Warm greetings, Maggie
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  • Zetazeta
  • 21.11.2004 23:01
Maggie, you're amazing. Please let me hear something about you and your girlfriend. Are you doing any better? ;)
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  • 25.12.2004 22:06
How come I read the same discussion in one American (or was it Canadian) discussion-site? You've been there, too?
Umm... That sounds a bit odd. I'm bisexual but that doesn't mean I have to have a girl AND a guy, I'm fine with either a girlfriend OR a boyfriend. Then again, it wouldn't bother me very much if my girlfriend had a sex-relationship with someone if I was allowed to do the same. Sex isn't the most important thing in a relationship for me.
Anyways, she sounds like what we like to call a 'poly', one who wants both genders. I'd say you should tell her how you feel, and if she doesn't respect that, dump her.