Adult theatre sex legal?

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  • Kevin
  • 28.12.2003 19:01
Hi all. I am new to Finland and I have a question. I have been to a few adult theatres here and some have open seating and a few gloryholes. Is it legal to have sex in these places and do the police cause trouble. Will you get arrested for using a gloryhole, etc?

Also can anyone give advice on a good shop/theatre in Helsinki?

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  • Lurjuz
  • 29.12.2003 11:49
There ain´t any special laws concerning glory holes because authorities do not know that they exist at first place. So if nobodys isn´t telling them... Finnish police is relatively homophopic but there is no need to be afraid anykind on raid. They don´t function that way in Finland.

Finnish police would likely consider these venues as brothels and they are illegal but it would cause trouble for the entrepreneur, not for the client.

Basically Helsinki as a city is as un-cryisy as the wreck of Titanic so maybe you should do like the rest of us and visit Tallinn and other nicer cities time to time.

Still, in Helsinki you could give a try to the places like Vogue and Keltainen ruusu, never visited them myself so I can´t tell any better.

I´d also say that this site is mostly dead loss in matters like this. This site is mostly about political issues and the users are totally against of what you have just suggested. Weird but true.

OK, take care. Bye =)
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  • Oenone
  • 29.12.2003 14:24
Having sex in a "glory hole" place is not illegal in Finland. Those places cannot be concidered as brothels. If they would, you might just as well close down all hotels where people have sex...
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  • Public eye
  • 29.12.2003 14:56
As described above, the police in Finland aren't interested in glory holes and related activities in which consenting adults may find it suitable to engage. It's only sex trafficking and involvement of minors that is illegal and will be prosecuted.

Providing premises for commercial sex is also considered sex trafficking, but again, you as the customer (and your 'partner') would be on the safe side, naturally provided that neither is a minor. Only the 'pimp' would be prosecuted. You should still bear in mind that although 16 is the legal age for sex, you'll commit a crime if you pay for sex with a person younger than 18.

As to the general attitude of this site, I strongly disagree with 'Lurjuz'. The discussions are mostly - not counting some overreacting queens on either side of the moral barrier - very much down the earth and open to different kinds of positions and attitudes. And all in all, if this question doesn't concern politics, I don't know what really does..

I'm personally not able to recommend any particular venue, those you'll need to find yourself. I suppose there are sufficiently ads around so you won't miss anything vital in this area. Have fun and don't forget to play it safe!