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Enya, baybe!

You ever get the feeling that Enya is a lesbian? I do...

Anyway, I finally managed to listen to her new album without pause and actually concentrate on it...

Hmmm... Well, it is clearly Enya... But it is not as inspired, or perhaps it is distracted, maybe even a little rushed...

I like it and I am not sorry I bought it, but it is the first time I have listened to an Enya album and not been enamoured immediately with at least half of the songs...

With this one, nothing jumped out at me, but then I also did not have to ignore anything... To me it sounded like she was singing about a broken heart and wistful memories, but that her heart and soul and muse, were still not really with her... I suppose it seems a bit forced...

Fans like me, and casual listeners will of course, snap up the album and it is undoubtedly very high quality and talented and all good and nice things, but in truth, it was a bit of a let down... Perhaps it will grow on me...

Anyway, I just finished trimming and filing my nails, isn't that exciting?

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7.12.2005 02:13

Hello Rain,
looks like I'm the only one to kommentoi youre blog.I like the SOUND of Enya Merrywater ,I have never listen to ANY words of anything so I don't know what the lyrics are. Glad she got where she is now by her basement single woman home studio with her electonis.Our stations don't really play her music, and the CD is not here yet.


7.12.2005 03:07

Heh, yes looks like it... But no doubt someone will eventually comment, if only to tell me to shut up! *laughs*

The CD is worth buying, if you like her music, but it is different... I am a huge fan, so no doubt it will grow on me...



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