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  OhjeetUusi viesti
Brent Annable @ Vastaa1 / 2 
31.10.2005, 02:00 hey all, just a quick question: can anyone tell me the best gay site to chat/message etc. in Finland? Gaydar doesn't seem like the best to me... unless there are only 90 gay men in Finland!

Would appreciate some leads.


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boy23 Vastaa2 / 2 
31.10.2005, 03:22 www.city.fi is a possibility, if you're looking for a relationship. The problem is that the web site is in Finnish, so you probably need help (or a dictionary and imagination) to register and to post an ad (of course it can be in English). In city.fi (or deitti.net) you can even search for a friendship. City.fi also has a gay chat, but not too big one.

www.iskuri.net is another popular place, but with a bigger percentage of people looking for sex (also many looking for a relationship).

Chat at www.koodi.net is a popular place, but unfortunately the grand majority of people are only looking for sex and most of the people there have a reason why they are looking for company there instead of the real world (if you get the message), so even though this is the biggest chat, I don't recommend it.

And then there is this new service, fi.match.com It's not big yet, but it's growing all the time.
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