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Gay Finland

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SETA - Sexual Equality in Finland
H.O.T. ry - Sports for gays
MSC Finland - Tom's Club
Information about Finland in English
Besides being a forum to share experiences and discuss life Ranneliike.net and Lepakkolaakso.net are leading providers of news about sexual equality in Finland and related developments. The English pages of the service are written for both international audiences and for Finnish residents of foreign extraction.

Run by media professionals with a wide experience in news and feature writing the service aims at being a reliable source of coverage of current trends and thought in Finland. Launched initially in 2001 Ranneliike and Lepakkolaakso are owned and operated by Sateenkaariyhteisöt ry, a registered association in the Finnish system. It is independent of political parties and pressure groups.

The service also hopes to connect people of Finnish background worldwide. There are 1.2 million people of Finnish descent worldwide, and the HLTBT contingent must be large. Many gays and lesbians of Finnish extraction live in countries where the level of achievement is not at the level attained in Finland, many live in countries well ahead of Finland. Ranneliike and Lepakkolakso provide a forum for sharing experiences and learning about the situation in Finland. The production languages are Finnish, Swedish and English. The use of any other is admissible in the personal blogs though.

In these English pages of ranneliike.net / lepakkolaakso.net you will find short features about past events in Finland, commentary on HLBT related issues in Finland, some information about upcoming events here in Finland, short stories, and information about what to do here in Finland. One thing that you won't find here is pure sex. We figured it out that the Internet is filled with sites like gayromeo.com and gaydar.com that can provide those pleasures. We're in for something else.

We are always happy and grateful to receive feedback on our site, so don't be shy! Leave us a message through our feedback page and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! We also appreciate short stories in English, so if you feel like writing we will be happy to share your views with our web communities.
Latest news: Finland info:

Marriage equality reached Finland on March 1, 2017

See item in the News in English file, on the right hand side of this page.
GAY FINLAND  01.03.2017 23:55

Gay Couples Law in Finland

The Finnish parliament approved a law on 28. september 2001 allowing gays to register as couples and obtain some but not all the rights of married couples. The law became effective in the beginning of March 2002.
GAY FINLAND  17.10.2006 11:39
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